Virtual reality (also called Virtual Realities or VR) is best understood by first defining what it aims to achieve – total immersion.

Total immersion means that the sensory experience feels so real, that we forget it is a virtual-artificial environment and begin to interact with it as we would naturally in the real world. In a virtual reality environment, a completely synthetic world may or may not mimic the properties of a real-world environment.

This means that the virtual reality environment may simulate an everyday setting, or may exceed the bounds of physical reality by creating a world in which the physical laws governing gravity, time and material properties no longer hold (e.g. shooting space aliens on a foreign gravityless planet).

We have an experience, and we will creating you realistic three-dimensional image or artificial with a mixture of interactive hardware and software, and presented in such a way that the any doubts are suspended and it is accepted as a real environment in which it is interacted with.